UPSC failure reasons

UPSC failure reasons

Few Reasons for Many Aspirant continued failures in UPSC:

1. Completely neglecting newspaper reading and blindly depending on various websites and magazine’s

2. Not completing Mains Syllabus before prelims and expect to complete it after prelims but it never happened in reality ( only focusing on Prelims as we see it as first step and think of doing Mains after that , but Both are same , So don’t differentiate your preparation )

3. Attitude of will do answer practice only after completion of whole syllabus perfectly, but we never feel perfection and no practice of answers.

4. Avoiding government published magazine’s and reports , reading them from compilations of different institutions, its cost was facing difficulty while writing essay in the form of lack of flow . Don’t read only summaries , so You lost the ability of how to  represent an issue in a understandable manner , from summaries will only give  information

5. Running behind materials of different institutions available on internet and in market without reading basic books, always changing the source for reading the best material but ending up with lot of time waste ( Worst mistake ever , always looking at new book and new notes , if some xyz topper says then will stop following what we are doing till that time and reading that new one )

6. Not completing Optional syllabus at least once and same w.r.t answer writing practice, here you should not  blame optional subject as your approach may be in  wrong way and  thinking of covering it after prelims , but its tough to do all after prelims

7.  Most of them stopped applying their  own thinking capability on a particular issue as addicted to follow somebody’s perspective that they give in compilations and magazine’s

So  if anyone of you also doing same mistakes as above , please realize soon and go in a correct way ( no one knows here what is correct way , but in how many ways one can fail,  if you avoid going in that wrong way obviously you are going in a correct way )

All the Best ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘

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