9th January 2021 Super Short Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

9th January 2021 Super Short Current Affairs for UPSC Exam.

Antarctic Ozone Hole

– According to World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Antarctic ozone hole has closed.


1. The expansion of the hole was driven by a strong, stable and cold polar vortex and very cold temperatures in the stratosphere.

2.As the temperatures high up in the stratosphere start to rise, ozone depletion slows; the polar vortex weakens and breaks down.

3. Human-made chemicals migrate into the stratosphere and accumulate inside the polar vortex.

4. It begins to shrink in size as warmer temperatures dominate.

Ammoniacal Nitrogen in Yamuna

News: A study group has been constituted to discuss the issue of increase in Ammonical Nitrogen in River Yamuna.


1. Will review uniform monitoring protocol and requirement of strengthening monitoring mechanism

2. It analyse past data and carry out field survey to identify critical hotspots and period of high anomia levels.

3. Ammoniacal nitrogen (NH3-N) is a measure for the amount of ammonianfound in landfill leachate and in waste products.


1. A measure of the health water in natural bodies such as rivers or lakes etc.

Major bodies include:

1. Delhi Jal Board

2. Haryana State Pollution Control Board

3. Delhi Pollution Control Committee

4.Irrigation and Water Resources Department, Haryana

5.Irrigation and Flood Control Department, Delhi.

– It was agreed to constitute a Joint Surveillance Squad.

Toycathon 2021

– It is a hackathon 

Launched by the Ministry for Women & Child Development and Textiles and Ministry of Education.


1. To conceptualize innovative toys based on the Indian value system 

Key features:

– These toys will inculcate the positive behaviour and good value among the children.

– This is the first time when school children will innovate, design and conceptualize toys also for especially abled ‘divyang children’.


– To create awareness about safe toys which are not harmful chemically.

– School, college students will get together for developing toys and games that are based on Indian culture and ethos, etc.