8th January 2021 Super Short Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

8th January 2021 Super Short Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

Payments Infrastructure Development Fund (PIDF)

– Operationalised by the Reserve Bank of India.

Aim: To increase payments acceptance infrastructure by adding 30 lakh touch points every year in Tier-3 to Tier-6 centres.

Key features:

– Special focus on the north-eastern states.

– An Advisory Council for managing the PIDF.

– Payment methods that are not inter-operable would not be considered under the PIDF.

– PIDF scheme is on a reimbursement basis.

– The maximum cost of the digital acceptance device eligible for subsidy is Rs 300.

Cigarettes Draft Bill

Centre has drafted this bill 

Aim: To increase the age to allow sale of cigarettes and tobacco products from the current 18 years to 21 years.

Key points of bill:

1. Penalty for smoking in restricted area increased from Rs.200 to Rs.2, 000.

2. Trade and commerce in cigarettes or other tobacco products should be in sealed and intact packaging.

3. The sale of illicit products will lead to imprisonment of up to one year and a fine of Rs.50, 000.

Rastriya Kamdhenu Aayog

Permanent advisory body 

Aim: It helps the Central Government to develop programmes, sustainable development and genetic upgradation of indigenous breeds of cows.

Key points:

1. Integral part of Rashtriya Gokul Mission.

2. Organize animal husbandry on modern and scientific lines 

3. To take steps for preserving and improving breeds.

4. To prohibit the slaughter, of cows and calves and other milch and draught cattle.

5. Will review existing laws, policies.

6. Will suggest measures for optimum economic utilization of cow wealth.