Political science optional strategy for UPSC IAS exam

Political science optional strategy for UPSC IAS exam

In this post, we are going to discuss about the strategy of political science optional for UPSC IAS Exam 2020 or other year. You can follow this strategy and clear the exam easily, please read the whole post.

For Political science paper 2
Jitender yadav
First he have read the notes of the ma’am because after reading the notes you can get many idea so
Read Mam’ notes and previous year qs paper simultaneously.
You will get how to read notes and how to  approach a qs because Mam has made notes that way.
For books
Make 1 page notes with key words n events from Andrew haywood etc.
but strict to syllabus.
I will share how I made notes with a4 sheet n according to syllabus.
So finally you have to read any notes first and you have to solve the previous year question of political science optional for UPSC IAS Exam and you have to make the short notes after reading the books. you have to make the short notes like the keywords notes so that you can revise before the exam.

Write past year qs on regular basis.write 2 n make structure of other 3 so as not to make hectic. Structure of answer will help you making your thought clear n writing what is asked in a question.
So finally you have to solve the previous year questions on regular basis for UPSC IAS Exam for the political science optional.


Don’t rely on test series marks.that is biggest mistake I made in past years.
So finally as per him, you don’t need to rely on the test series fully. you have to use your own mind and you have to  follow your own strategy. don’t depend on any test directly because no question will come from the test series it is only to get the idea.
4 .
Do some unconventional like making flow charts or graph in neighbouring country questions.
So finally you have to work on the map also you have to make some graph also.

Write key words on a4 pages n keep revising them, note them down from newspapers like from c Raja Mohan articles etc.
If you have write the keyword notes but you have not revise the notes then it is very bad idea. you have to revise those notes properly and on the regular basis.

Write some qs in points with sub heading .( specially those where more things are to be written.
I did this in almost 10 qs this year.(got 171 in paper 2).
So you don’t need to write any question directly. you need to write the questions in bullet points.

Many qs will be repeated, write them fast n first.

Don’t write excellent answers.
Because in 15 excellent answers n 5 completely bad will not take you anywhere.
It used to cost me at least 3 qs in the end. This year I changed my approach n gave equal time to all qs.
So finally if you are solving the question in the exam hall then don’t devote whole time on one question means don’t devote maximum time on one question. give equal time to all the question. you can get this habit by solving the test series, by solving the question regularly before going in the exam hall.

Read toppers answer but don’t try to imitate them , because u have ur own strength n imitating others u loose urs as well.
Instead use their structure, ideas n key words. N how the start or conclude a qs.
So, you can read the answer of the toppers but don’t  depend on them. develop your own strategy and the writing skill.

Don’t procrastinate writing answer to 2nd or 3rd month , do it today.
So don’t wait for the tomorrow or day after tomorrow, just start from today, start writing as much as you can.

Don’t try to revise everything on last day.try to remain cool that will fetch more ideas on exam day. Like u will be able to connect things from common life outside notes. N that’s most important thing.

Write final exam just as an test series paper lesser the tension you will take better outcome will be. Thought it’s difficult to practice n easy to preach. But believe me I was in same territory in my previous attempts. I tried new idea this year n it worked.

Make a group of 2 or max 3 friends n extract as much from each other’s knowledge.
I am thankful to one such friend.

Regarding how to connect ideas
I looked for ideologies like capitalism
Connect ideology with example like India pak
Indo USA
When u read qs try to look in which part of syllabus it can be used.
Read Ananya Das mam blog . I used that n found helpful.

I hope it will help you out .
Jai hind
Jitender yadav