Makarandu Manda, Rank 110 UPSC Preparation Strategy


Respected Aspirants,

Today, I’m here to share with you my experiences of the Civil Service Examination journey and there by some insights I took from them.

Beginnings always hide in the ends

Back then in 2017, when I started my preparation, I was literally zero in every aspect that is required for the examination. Be it newspaper reading, English proficiency, writing some ideas etc. All I had with me is this great insecurity of lack of wealth (knowledge, values, skills etc.) and a strong motivation to contribute my wealth. With this idea and a confidence that I could succeed based on my past experiences, I had begun the journey. I want you to internalize that everyone of us has a different starting point that usually converges to common point of clearing or not clearing the exam. In the end, the beginnings have to disclosed to not let the following insights I share do not get a distorted view. Hope I do my best and would be of some productive help for you