Kunal Chavan IAS, AIR 211 (CSE 2019) UPSC Preparation Strategy


Hi again! My full name is Kunal Motiram Chavan. I belong to Parbhani district of Maharashtra. I’m an EnTc engineer and had worked in Robert Bosch as a software engineer for almost 2 and half years. I started my Civils preparation after quitting my job @Bosch in November 2014. I have secured AIR 211 in my 5th attempt with history optional. I have written 5 prelims, 4 mains and appeared for 3 interviews in 2018,2019 and 2020. In 2019, I also worked as an evaluator for Mains test series in Vajiram and was also involved in setting prelims MCQs. So, experience is ALL I have got which I would love to share with those who need it.

The Civils preparation journey was indeed an eye-opener for me. I went through immense hardships, frustrations, depressions for five long years…but in the end, I achieved for what I had started. As it is said, All is well that ends well, so I’m at peace; at least for now. Once the actual job starts, I’m sure, there will be new challenges. But this blog is not for that. It is for helping other fellow Kunals who are struggling to get here. My focus will be to cut the unnecessary coaching classes’ part which waste a lot of money of aspirants. Let’s see if I could be useful. Cheers and All the best!

Some of my interviews: (You may not find them much useful for your preparation…these are mostly motivational interviews regarding my own struggle and they are too long, so better to skip them…I’m just putting them here just to look good; nothing else… :P)

Dear visitors, welcome to my blog. I call it Gowtham as I would love to play the role of BATMAN. In this blog, I will try to provide my lessons learnt in this Civil Services preparation journey. I was in no mood to write this blog but since many of the aspirants asked me on twitter to provide the so called strategy and whatever content I have with me, I’m putting them here. Honestly, I have no strategy as such but I will call them as observations which I would like to share. Also, I will post some notes which I had prepared on evernote and some in notebooks wherever I felt them easier.

I will start with prelims. Even though I’m sharing these notes here, I will say that these notes are inadequate and may not be very helpful because these were based on my requirements. So, excuse me if you do not find them of any use. I would say, you should go through Gaurav sir’s blog first (https://thesupermanreturns.wordpress.com/upsc/)  since he has discussed and provided guidance extensively. The information he has provided might have got outdated now but look at the way he is showing. There might be many changes in the pattern of UPSC questions as well…so, not everything you might find useful.  And here comes my blog where I will keep on posting the relevant content and information which might be relevant to current pattern. Don’t rely entirely on the notes which you will get on these blogs. You have to develop your own style, methods and notes. Use youtube channels and online websites which I will provide in my posts. 
While preparing for Civils, I always needed some guidance from someone who has made it and is available to solve my doubts. But unfortunately I was disappointed in some ways. So, in case, you want to ask me something regarding preparation, you can tell Robin (the chat window available at the right bottom) or you can directly msg me on twitter @IAS_Batman. Till now I have replied to all who were seeking genuine guidance.  Let’s see if I can help you too.

I wish you All d best! 🙂