https canary ludo king is not working, Read this Post

If your https canary ludo king not working, Read this Post to know more.

Can I Get unlimited ludo king coins by httpcanary app? 
You can see the below screenshot.

Https canary ludo king hack

A person have trillions of Coins in his Ludo King. But, How?
Did he hacked ludo King?
Is it legal to hack any app or website or Ludo king?
Exactly Not.
If you are trying to get anything illegally, then it will not stay forever and you will end your life in Jail.

How do people hack Ludo King coins? Can I see the live proof? 
Can I do hack ludo King by http canary?
Can I hack ludo King without phone root?
All those people who is searching those questions on Internet. They are just wasting the time. Because there is no option as of now to hack ludo King.
Ludo King is an application which has 10 lakhs or more users all over the world. All the time, they are trying to update their security and make it hard for anyone to hack ludo King.

On April 27,2020
Some people hacked ludo King. Yes It’s true. I have talk with those people on Internet who have hacked ludo King and Now
I am going to share the strategy for hacking the ludo King.
Don’t try this to hack ludo King. It’s for only knowledge purpose and to alert you.

There was an application on Playstore. Name of the application is Https Canary.
2 application is present.
One is premium https application. Other is simple.
Earlier, there was an option to hack ludo King from free version. But, as of now they have started to give this option in paid person. Most of the people have bought the paid version in India in Rs 350. But, After Installing paid version of https canary, they are still unable to hack ludo King.
Reason is simple – owner of Ludo king have make it hard to hack ludo King.

Earlier, after opening https canary, hacker were opening ludo King simultaneously and they were betting in 7 up down option of ludo king.
And Again the hacker were opening the https canary application and they were changing the value of 7 up down to trillions.
Suppose, any hacker have won 500 coins in 7 up down of ludo king and then he was just editing it with http canary and making it 9999999999.
By changing in such number, they were getting trillions of coins.