6th January 2021 Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

6th January 2021 Super Short Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

Dzukou Forest Fire

News: A forest fire occurred in Nagaland’s Dzukou range, in which the Dzukou valley is located.

Location: At the border of states of Nagaland and Manipur.

Key points: 

– It is a sanctuary for the endangered Blyth’s tragopan(Nagaland’s State Bird.)

– It is famous for its wide range of flowers.

– Rare Dzükou Lily is found only in this valley.

 – ‘Valley of flowers’ of the Nagaland State.

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) Technology

 News: QKD technology of the DRDO underwent a successful trial between two laboratories in Hyderabad

 Aim: Security was validated for a range of 12 km long over a fibre optic channel.


1. To undertake secure communication, which utilises a cryptographic protocol.

2. It enables two communicating sides to come up with random secret keys.

3. Use it to encrypt and decrypt messages.

 4. Highly secure communication.